Secret Garden

This is a great wall dive which requires a high tide for easy access. A small swim out to the drop off will produce fantastic results as the wall is a kindergarden to thousands of reef fish.,125.842681&spn=0.030413,0.052936&z=16&iwloc=00048a59cdc36f1029f04

5 – 35 meters

One Dollar Beach

One Dollar can see big currents  but the sea grass also attracts dugong and just beyond the drop off big schools of pelagics hang close, waiting for a tasty morsel.

5 – 25 meters

Bihau Village

Bihau is the quintessential Timor-Leste shore dive - Lots of fish and coral and the occasional treat (think whale sharks).,125.868473&spn=0.030413,0.052936&z=16&iwloc=00048a5a0173d630adac9


What a great dive! So easy to enter and exit and such a huge variety of life. This great bay offers protection for its reef that is home to lots of coral bommies and small coral gardens. There is a huge variety of soft and hard coral here that provide protection for all sorts of macro life.

5- 20 meters,125.861306&spn=0.030413,0.052936&z=16&iwloc=00048a59eb4a2f73d25e3

Lone Tree

This dive features a sandy bottom (which is popular with the occasional reef shark) and many coral outcrops. Grear for critters and large pelagics.

5- 25 meters


K57 is a great wall dive with many cracks to explore. Overlooking many great hiding spots huge gorgonian fans sway in the current and the steep drop off sees many turtles pass by. gliding over the subaquatic valleys.

5 - 35 meters,125.952866&spn=0.030413,0.052936&z=16&iwloc=00048a5a1804b9a6a2ebb