Bubble Beach

Thermal activity just out of eyesight causes this unbelievable naturally occurring phenomena: famous for its bubbles escaping from the white sandy bottom and warm water - this site attracts blue spotted rays in large numbers. The deep dive here on a coral outcrop is one not to be missed!

5 – 40 meters


Dan's Sandy Bottom

Gradual slope dive producing some great macro shots. This is due to the abundance of coral gardens and a sand garden off to the right.

5 – 25 meters

Dili Rock - West and East

This site has two sides! Dili Rock West has a shallow platform, which provides a feeding ground for crabs and shrimps. While Dili Rock East is an easy dive used for Open Water Training. It is famous for the Leaf Scorpion Fish, Angler Fish and Ghost Pipe Fish which inhabit its gentle slopes which ultimately end at a current convergence where pelagics and turtles gather.

5 – 25 meters



Taci Tolu

Perhaps the most famous of the known macro dives in Timor-Leste. More species than you can shake a snorkel at make this dive site, which is the size of a badminton court, their home. Pipe fish, sea horses, scorpion fish, mimic octopus and many more!

5- 20 meters

Pertimina Pier

Possibly Timor-Leste’s best critter dive that also sees large groups of pelagics (especially barracudas) gather near the end of the pier.  The visibility can be dodgy at times but the results will speak for themselves.

5- 25 meters